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FREE Cold Calling Blueprint 

3 Day Crash Course On Building Your Database With Cold Calls

This January 18, 19, 20, 2022

Effective cold-calling tips and techniques to help you build and grow your database (no matter how long you've been in the industry).

Just to let you know... this is an exclusive course, that we're doing for FREE. 

I'm giving out 50 FREE spots and once they are gone

I'm closing the doors to the course.

To gain FREE access to this exclusive class, I ask that you're willing to commit to:


#1 Introduction: Post an introduction video in the group. Let me know who you are and how others might be able to send referrals to you! You'll get the link to the group after you sign up. 

#2 Participating: Actively PARTICIPATE (showing up LIVE! You will have the option to join me directly on ZOOM or watch from the Facebook Group!) and COMPLETE the homework each day.

#3 Implementing: Implement what I share so you can get the most out of our time together.



We get started on January 18th through January 20th daily at 2:00pm CT.

Class time will be around 20-30 mins

It's Time You Grow Your Income!

What we're going to cover...

Day 1: Cold Calling 

Learn what you are doing wrong and what is holding you back from successfully cold calling... and how to improve immediately.  

Day 2: FSBOs

What are FSBOs looking for and how YOU can position yourself as the agent they need, no matter how many other agents are calling them.

Day 3: Expireds

How to quickly adapt your conversation to get noticed and stand out every time you call an expired. This language pattern can mean the difference between an appointment set and an empty calendar.

I am super excited and can't wait for Day 1 of the crash course, so you can start effective cold calling to increase your business.

Anna Krueger 

My name is Anna Krueger and I have over 27,500 of experience in lead generation. I've trained over 1,000 agents including 24 of the top teams at Keller Williams Realty. 

I've been personally recommended by Gary Keller to top agents to help strengthen lead generation and language patterns. I've spoken globally on language patterns to help agents increase their income in as little as 6 months.

Anna headshot 4.jpg

There are only 50 spots available … sign up NOW!

Cafe Interior

Jenny Leo

I’ve been in the business a very long time.  I have found ISA Maps Coaching has turned my business around. It has changed the way I do things, my professionalism, dedication, drive and goal setting. It has totally turned it around for the better.

Leslie Peters

By having an ISA and starting to grow that division it gives everyone specialization. We were leaving so much business on the table because we were just not nurturing the leads like we should have. 


I truly believe coaching is not a luxury, coaching is necessary. To take you to the next level and break through ceilings of achievement coaching is just necessary. 

Rays Ciafardini

You don't always get what is promised with coaching. With ISA Maps Coaching you get what is promised. And if we want to be a top performer it only makes sense to get into coaching. 


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