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Expired Language Pattern Guide!

When I was in your position as an ISA, I feared calling expireds the first time. I would rather call someone from my database. 

But my Rainmaker told me: "Expireds are GOLD!" and indeed he was right!

From just expired, I was setting about 20 appointments per month! You can do it too!

What do you do hear these lines:

“You’re the tenth person to call me!” 

"Why did you not call me when my house was listed?!"

"Where were you? You could have called me when you want to help sell my house?"

...I bet you become quiet, and the call ends there. 

Today I will share the language pattern with you that helped me set 20 expired appointments a month.

How to use the guide?

Print it out! Have extra copies to use on every expired conversation you have. Take note and follow the steps. Set Appointments! 

Download your FREE Expired Language Pattern Guide now!

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© 2021 Anna Krueger - KW MAPS COACH with  Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

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