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Learn How to Hire, Train, and Retain an ISA/OSA

How do you know when it is the right time to hire an ISA?


When you realize you have a lot of leads that you’re not calling.


First, make sure you are efficient in your day to day business. If you are efficient and you have more than you can handle, it is time to hire an ISA/OSA.


An ISA is a member of your team that handles anyone that calls you. An OSA is making cold calls. 

Now you might be asking:


What do I look for in an ISA/OSA?

How much will an ISA/OSA cost?

Where will I find an ISA/OSA?

What will my ROI be on the investment in an ISA/OSA?


All of these questions and more we answer in our guide: How to Hire, Train & Retain an ISA/OSA. 

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