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2 Tips to Achieve Your Daily Goals

40 contacts a day?!

It’s a very hot topic! Someone asked about it this week in our ISA Mastermind Facebook Group, and it created a huge discussion.

This is a pretty standard goal and definitely possible.

I have 2 tips for you today on how to make that goal of 40 contacts goal doable!

Tip 1: Break it down!

At 8:00 in the morning when you are getting started thinking about 40 contacts, it is overwhelming!

It is much better to break that goal down. There are 2 different ways I recommend doing that:

1. 20 before lunch and 20 after lunch.

2. Set an hourly goal of 6 to 7 contacts per hour.

On average if you are working an 8-hour shift, you have 6 hours on the phone and 2 hours of admin. With 6 hours of phone time, it breaks down to 6.6 contacts an hour (40/6=6.6), so between 6 & 7 hours, if we break this down, it comes out to 1 contact every 9 mins (60/7=8.5).

Which sounds more doable, 40 contacts in a day or 1 contact every 9 mins (or 6-7 contacts every hour)?

We can all agree that breaking it down is more achievable and will make it easier.

Another benefit to doing it this way is your body will release dopamine after you achieve a goal!

That’s why after you cross off an item on your To-do list, eat better or work out, you feel better.

With one goal of 40 contacts a day you won’t get that release of dopamine until the end of the day.

When you break your goal down into smaller goals, you create multiple goals and give your body more chances to release dopamine that will make you feel happier and make the day better.

This will automatically put you in a better position to achieve your goals.

Tip 2: Use a Tracker!

We should all have appointment goals every single day!

I personally set my goal at 2 appointments per day — 1 before lunch and 1 after lunch.

On a whiteboard, I would write the numbers from 1. Then, as I got appointments, I would cross them off.

This made it really easy for me to know exactly how many appointments had left to set. It also made it easy for my team owner to know where I was with my goals for the week.

Keep your tracker simple-- just a piece of paper or dry erase board will work perfectly!

Adding a tracker is one of the most effective ways to make sure you are hitting your goal every week.

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