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2 Tips to Retain Talented ISA

Recently I asked my ISA Mastermind Group on Facebook, “What is one thing you wish more people knew about your role as an ISA?”

We had an overwhelming response with a really common theme!

The number one thing they said was, “I wish that my role was recognized as more than entry level.”

We got into a fantastic discussion to figure out why this was a common problem.

One reason people view this role as entry level is team members will say things like, “You start as an ISA, then you will transition into a buyer’s agent or listing agent.”

Even on my team, they thought that way because you start by lead generating then get to move on to the agent role.

If you are a talented individual, that is goal oriented, do you want to be seen as staying in the entry-level role? NO!

We need to change the message and the way that we talk about ISAs.

The 1st thing is saying everyone starts as an Agent-in-Training for 90 days.

Then after the first 90 days, they will then become a Buyers Agent, Listing Agent, or Inside Sales Agent.

The 2nd thing you need to do to help retain your ISA is heightening the awareness of where closings come from.

Every time your agent has a closing ask them, “Where did the lead come from?”

Sometimes it will come from them or another source, but a lot of the time they will say, “An ISA set that appointment for me.”

Ask them who so they start to recognize that it is a win for both the Agent and the ISA together.

Using these two tips should help you to start retaining more ISAs for your department.

So 2 Big Tips:

1. Everyone starts as an Agent-in-Training

2. Raise awareness for closings that came from your ISA

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