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Be Smooth: Handoff a Lead Without the Awkwardness TODAY

Have your clients come in and become surprised that they are not working with you?

Sometimes it can be a difficult transition for clients to understand that they are working with someone else.

A great way to set every client up for success is to explain your role from the moment you talk to them.

It would sound like this, “Hi, my name is Anna with the Haro Group at Keller Williams. Think of me as the nurse, I’m here to really gather information and access what it is that you need, what your situation is and then I am going to hand you over to talk with the Agent and think of them a lot like the Doctor.

They are going to be the one that comes in, describes the solution and figures out exactly what we need to do. I’m the question asker. Think of them as more of the solution provider. You’re going to love working with them! Then you can go right into your questions.

When you set it up that way it is an easy analogy. Everyone’s been to the doctor.

Just like the Doctor and a Nurse, as much as you hound the nurse with question--they won’t tell you anything. Their role is to collect information, get vital signs and then send the doctor in. That’s what we need to do as inside sales agents.

Since it is a role that a lot of people can relate to, it is an easy analogy and people will get it quickly.

So, ISA agent = nurse, the agent = doctor, and you are going to love working with them.

If your team has a listing manager, you can take that analogy further and describe them as the physician’s assistant.

If you use this technique you should be able to handle the handoff in a way that makes you comfortable and in a way that makes sense to the client!

So no more awkward moments. Use this analogy today to make the transitions easy!

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