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Build an Elite Lead Conversion Team Q and A Session

Today I want to share the Q&A session we had at our KWFR2020 Break Out! Below you will find the questions we were asked during the breakout!

  • How to stay motivated?

  • How do I transition from an ISA to an ISA lead?

  • What are great resources for ISA scripts?

  • What to do if a client wants to go and see the property directly without setting up an appointment with an agent first?

  • What is an ISA compensation that is common?

  • How to present the team to your leads?

  • The ideal number of new leads an ISA should be getting

  • Top 3-5 lead sources

  • Thoughts on outsourcing ISA services

  • What do you see as the most cost-effective option for inbound leads?

  • What is the expected conversion rate of an agent?

  • How do you find people who are fit for an ISA role?

  • The structure to determine growth vs. profit

  • What is the recommended daily schedule for an ISA?

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