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How Being an ISA is like a Game of Football

How many times do you get off the phone with a lead that doesn’t set the appointment and you feel like a failure?

When you are watching a football game, you don’t wait for the touchdown to cheer for the team.

Every time your team gains a yard you cheer them on. You don’t think of them as failing when they gain 10 yards. Even though they didn’t get any points every time they move the ball down the field, they are getting closer to that touchdown.

I want you to start thinking of your leads when you talk to them ask yourself, “Am I gaining yardage?”

If you talk to a lead and they are definitely motivated but not yet qualified but by the end of the call they have agreed to speak to a lender, you have just gained yardage.

You need to celebrate all the yardage that you gain.

Imagine a world where you went throughout your day and instead of seeing your failures every time you don’t get an appointment. What if you started seeing every little incremental success as fantastic I just gained yardage.

It is an absolute game-changer, and it will positively impact your mindset.

I encourage you to go for the appointment and celebrate every time you gain yardage!

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