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Uncover A Client's Motivation With This Technique

I'm going to teach you the "Three Deep" question technique.

We hear a lot about open-ended questions. Sometimes we ask questions that are not leading to what we really want to know. So what does it mean by “Three deep with a client”?

I listened to my old call recordings. And learned that I ask three questions to my clients but on three different topics often times.

Let’s compare it this way to give you a clear picture.

We ask a landscaper to plant a tree in the front yard right by the mailbox. He may need to dig out 8 scoops of dirt and then plant a tree. An hour later, we saw 8 scoops of dirt just like what we asked but it was placed on 8 different spots. The landscaper did the right activity but was not focused in one spot. That is not effective! The bottom line is he just wasted energy and did not get the job done right.

This is the same thing I was doing with my clients when asking questions. So the results were not what I expect in going three deep with a client. The answers were all over the place. Until I realized how to do this well!

I am going to teach you today how to do this effectively.

First, ask your opening question to your client. Something like “What is causing you to think about moving?"

Then you write down their answer. The first answer is what I call the “shallow” answer. It’s not their true story and we will go deeper to know the true answer. Focus on the exact words in their answer. This is the trick that would prevent you from jumping off to another topic.

The goal here is to write down the exact wording from their answer. Then, a follow up question, using their exact wording and writing down the exact words/phrases they use and so on until you have 3 arrows and 3 answers. The arrows represent your questions. (1:18)

I’ll do a one-way roleplay to show you how this works. (2:11)

Agent: What’s causing you to think about moving? That’s a lot of work.

Client: I want to downsize.

You write down “downsizing” from the answer followed by an arrow going down. Then proceed to your first digging question.

Agent: So what makes you want to downsize?

Client: I want a smaller payment

Write down the next words from their answer “Smaller Payment” then draw an arrow again going down.

Now ask your next question using that exact word.

Agent: What would a smaller payment do for you?

Client: We’ll have more money for travel.

Write down the exact word again “Travel” and use it to your next question.

Agent: Awesome! Where would you like to travel to and how will that impact you?

Client: I want to travel to see my family and a whole bunch of national parks.

At this point, I can summarize it all since I have already asked 3 questions and 3 answers.

I might say to the client:

Agent: Alright, sounds like you want to downsize. The purpose of that is you want a smaller monthly payment so that you can travel and visit your family as well as a bunch of national parks, is that correct?... Awesome!

As you can see, we are getting the real reason why the client wants to move. Ask the client if there is anything else or you can keep going.

You could ask more questions but it should not be less than 3. That’s the magic number!

Make sure that you are writing the down arrow representing each question. I’ve been teaching this method since 2006. This is the best way to Dig 3 Deep and stay on topic.

I hope this will help you! I would love to know the results of your implementation. Let me know how it goes for you!

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