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How to be a Confident ISA?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

How confident are you when you are calling a new client or existing one? What if you could exude confidence from the moment you get a phone call? Today I am going to teach you a tip that will have you doing just that!

You’ll need to focus on your tone of voice. The tip I’m going to share with you recently helped a coaching client build up her confidence.

What not to do: You do not want to start the call with your voice constantly going up. If your voice is going up after everything you say, you will not sound confident.

You only have 3 seconds to get someone to listen to you. You need to make every second count by sounding confident.

What you want to do: Train your voice to go down at the end of sentences. From that first second, they pick up the phone you need to be exuding confidence. Having your voice go down will make you sound more confident.


"How are you doing today?" (with "you doing today?" in a higher pitch.) This will make

you sound unsure of yourself and not confident.

"How are you doing today?" (All in a calm voice, with "you doing today?" staying at a

normal tone or lower) This will make you sound sure of yourself and confident.

A great way to practice this confident building technique is to read questions as though they are sentences. You can go to google to get your questions, just search for a list of 30 questions. Then find a script partner, mirror, or record yourself.

Practice reading the questions as if they are sentences out loud. It will feel awkward at first. But keep doing it and do it with at least a list of 30 questions.

My coaching client that was working on this technique had people around her compliment her on her confidence. They didn’t even know she was working on her confidence.

So go get a list of 30 questions, start saying them as if they are sentences and you too will start sounding more confident.

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