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How to Find the Right ISA?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

You lead gen in the morning and block time for your clients in the afternoon. But who is taking care of your lead generation while you’re busy helping clients?

Here’s where an ISA comes in! An Inside Sales Agent (ISA) does the role that an agent would be doing in the morning--lead generation and lead conversion--all day long.

Lead generation and lead conversion are two of the most important aspects of your business. In Shift, Gary Keller says, “It is arguably the highest dollar productive activity that we can spend our time in.”

If you’re going to grow your business, increase your lead conversion and sell more units, you need an ISA.

What are you looking for in a quality Inside Sales Agent (ISA)?

When adding someone to the team, you not only want to consider how they’ll fit with your culture, but specific qualities. We want a high-caliber person, not someone that is in an entry level role.

Ideally, you want someone assertive, persistent, and likable. They need to feel like a friend quickly to potential clients.

Over the phone they need to be able to put the person at ease quickly--not something everybody can do. When you are interviewing someone for this role ask yourself, “How long did it take for me to feel at ease with this person?” A person in the ISA role needs to be able to build rapport very quickly.

They also need to be a cultural fit for your company, which will vary from team to team. The main thing to look for is, are they creating win-win situations for both the agents and business.

An ISA should be adding to your bottom line, similar to any other lead source that you may have. If properly trained, they should be increasing your return on investment.

Now the question is where do you find this person?

There are many places, and none of them is the only answer. However, here are some of the best ways I have found amazing ISAs:

  • Talk to your sphere, past client, or vendor list. These people already have an understanding of who you are as a person and how you operate your business.

  • Talk to college advisors, military recruiters, or headhunters. These are people that are great at building relationships and already use the sales process.

There are a lot of places you can find talent. The main things to look for is someone who is teachable, fits your culture, and does not give up easily.

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