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How To Get A 90% Pick-Up/Call Back With Old Leads

Today we are following up our last email – How to Call Your Old or Forgotten Leads!

Now how do you tackle an old database that hasn’t been talked to in a while? Or an inherited database that you do not know the history of!

The best thing you can do is implement a 6 calls in 6 days strategy and treat them all like new leads.

Harvard did a study in 2012 and found if you call a lead in 6 times in 6 days, they have a 90% chance of picking up!

If you have a database of 1,000 leads and you don’t know their history, start by picking a handful. Let’s say you call 100 leads, and get maybe 20 pickups. You set appropriate tasks for the ones you talk to.

Then for the other 80, you are going to leave a voice mail. On Day 2 you are going to call the SAME LIST!

This is how you will see results and start getting callbacks. Many people don’t see results from calling old databases because they only call them once and then wait a while for that second call.

Now you call these 80 and another 20 pickups, and you leave voicemail #2 for the other 60.

Then guess what you are going to do on day 3?! Call those 60 people you have left on your list!

This is the same list that you started with, and throughout the week the list will keep getting smaller.

What you will find is a lot of people will start calling you back on the 4th day. If you start on a Monday, that means Thursday, Friday and possibly the following Monday you will start receiving callbacks because of 6 calls in 6 days.

For the voicemails, you are not going to leave the same voicemail each time.

Your first voicemail is going to be somewhat general to pique their interest.

“Hey, it is Anna from the Haro Group. I saw you were interested in Real Estate and I would love to help.”

Voicemails #2-4 you are going to leave a short value add with a specific call to action.

“Hey, this is Anna call me back. We do typically do sell homes 1/3rd faster than other competitive Realtors. So call me back so I can save you time on the market. My number is … call me today by 5.”

For the last voicemail you are going to say something like:

“Hey it’s Anna, I have left you a bunch of voicemails. I’m not sure if you are just super busy or not interested. But would you let me know, either way, I don’t want to pester you yet I do want to help you if you want help. So just let me know either way what I can do for you.”

When you do this, you will see that you will have a 90% pickup or call back ratio. It is much better to go small and focus on the list for 5 to 6 days than to try and call all 1,000 leads here and there sporadically.

Think about if you only had a call from a sporadic number how urgent are you going to be to call them back?

But if you have the same number calling you in a short period of time, after a few calls you are going to be curious to what they are calling about and either pick it up or call them back.

That is your strategy to reconnect with that old database! So go out next week and pick a list and stick to it for 6 days.

Make sure always to prioritize new leads first! But if you follow this strategy in a few weeks, I bet you will have your database all sorted out!

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