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How To Keep The “I’m Busy” Caller On The Phone

Do you always encounter the line “I’m really busy, can you call me later?”. I’m sure you do!

Today, I’m going to share a money-making tip to keep someone on the phone when you get this response.

I tend to think that if someone picks up the phone from a number they do not recognize, it’s possible that they have time to spare. So when you hear the “I’m busy” line, It’s like “Oh I didn’t realize it was you” and now they are attempting to get you off the phone.

I have great news for you! There is a language pattern that you can use to keep them on the phone.

When I hear them say “I’m busy, call me later,” I take at it as a personal challenge. Game on!

First, I’m going to engage the caller enough to keep talking to me for the next 10 seconds.

Now if the caller says “I’m busy” twice, I would consider it to be true and then let them go. This could be a measure for you to test if you can engage the caller to talk to you.

But then again if they say they are busy twice, let them go.

So here is the language pattern:

Step 1. When they say “I’m really busy, call me later”.

Your Answer: “I’m really glad you told me”. This will make the person feel heard.

Step 2. You ask the caller on the other line, “When is better?”. (not AM/PM, Morning/Evening. Keep it short: “When is better?”) Think of it like they are about to put down the phone and you want to ask a question quickly so you will not lose the caller. Keep it short!

Step 3: You ask “In 30 seconds or less, what has you thinking about moving?”. Did you notice the “In 30 seconds or less” in the line? By using this line, you are still acknowledging that you heard the caller they need to go soon.

Here’s the deal. When a person starts to talk about their personal motivation, they are more emotionally engaged in a conversation and more likely to keep talking to you.

Bottom line, if when you hear the person say, “I’m busy” one time, take it as a challenge. If you can engage the person to tell you their motivation about moving, there’s a chance that you could keep them on the phone for about 5-10 minutes and could end up setting an appointment. Now when they said it twice, let them go.

There you go! This language pattern has made me a lot of money, haha! :) I trust this will help you set more appointments and get more GCI for you and your team!

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