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How to Maximize Your Scripting Time

One common question I see in our Facebook group is from those who are looking for a script partner. But one other question we should also be asking ourselves is, how do we make the most of the time we invest in scripting?

Watch this video to learn my 3 tips on how to maximize your scripting.

Watch the Video

We are best on the phone when our skill is strong. And what better way to strengthen our skills than to practice with a script partner? Our Mastering Inside Sales Program, which launched on June 3rd, is one great place to look for one!

It’s a 6-month program where we go over systems, scripts, tools, and mindset. These things are necessary for you to become a successful ISA. To know more about this program, check out All classes are recorded so you can still join.

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As the saying goes: “You become like the people you surround yourself with". So come and be part of a community who are trained in the same language and habits and are the best in this industry.

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