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Keep Track of Your Goals Using A 411 [Deep Dive]

Not only do you need to set your goals, you need to track them to make sure you are achieving them! Today, we’re going to talk about one of my favorite tools--the 411. Analeisa is also passionate about this tool, and she will share with us what a 411 tool is and how she uses it.

What is a 411 tool?

The 411 tool is used to set your goals for next year with annual goals broken down to monthly and then every week of the month.

It is on paper, very visual and easy to update. It keeps you on track. It’s very different to have a goal in your head compared to when it’s on paper. You can put it in your workspace, or anywhere that you cannot avoid it! For Analeisa that is her nightstand.

You should look at your 411 every night when before going to bed and every morning when you wake up. Get committed!

Start by picking your annual goals. I remember the first time I used this tool, I asked myself “What do I want to accomplish next year?". It took me 2-3 hours because my brain is exploding because I’ve never thought this way.

Sit down and think through what you want to accomplish next year. I’ll give you some common categories to help you start.

Business, personal, health, financial are just a few of the common categories you could start with.

Here’s an example of a personal goal for me:

I am a huge podcast listener for my personal growth. I want to listen to 208 podcasts next year. I want to listen to at least 4 podcast episodes a week. That’s 208 podcasts for the year! I wrote it down to keep me on track.

Come up with four (4) categories that you want to work on next year and think through it. By the end of the year, write down what you want to have accomplished. That goes on top of your chart.

Watch the video to see Analeisa’s 411 and she’ll walk us through exactly how she uses a 411! (02:27 - 03:56)

How do you start this process? I asked Analeisa this question and here’s what she has to say.

Every year I try to take a day to get away, get out of the house, get away from everybody that I know in a quiet spot. Somewhere enjoyable. And look through my life plan.

Going back to what do I want said about me at the end of my life, and what does that mean I need to do this year. So taking a whole day to plan out a year is my process.

I have on my 411 chart for this week to start planning 2019. So I'm going to spend two hours looking back on what I accomplished this year, here's what I need to do next year. So that by the end of my life, I'm working towards those things that I want to be.

So the point is, go away if you need to do it. It could be an hour or if you can do a whole day, that's great. But you definitely need to sit down, brainstorm and think. It will be well worth your time!

Watch the video to learn how Analeisa maps out the monthly and weekly goals she has plotted. (05:33 - 07:00)

The key here is to be SPECIFIC. The more specific you are, the more likely it is to happen!

That’s it! Think and write your annual goal. Then break it down every month. Then break down the monthly goals into weekly ones. It’s what you need to move forward in order to accomplish the goals that you've set for yourself.

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