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[Objections] “I Want To Wait Until Spring”

We are near the holidays! Today, we’re going to talk about objections that we hear during holidays. What do you do when people say “You know, can you just call me after Christmas? I want to wait till spring.”?

What do we do with people who want to wait till spring? Here are the steps on how to respond to these holiday objections.

Step 1, Thank them for bringing up their objection. Yes, you heard it right, thank them for bringing the objection. You can say “I’m really glad you told me.” or “Thanks for bringing that up”.

Why do we want to thank them for objecting? We welcome the objection because it builds rapport and an environment where we can solve their problem. Think about this, if we don’t know their objection, then we can’t work to solve it.

Not knowing objections can lead to no shows, people canceling at the last minute, or they might not pick up the phone when you call again. We need to draw out every objection that your clients have!

Step 2, Ask a question to find out more. Here are some questions that you can ask.

“What is it that makes you want to wait until spring?”

“What will be different in the spring?”

“What’s the benefit to you of waiting until spring?”

These questions will bring out the real actual objection. Here are some possible responses you may hear:

They have kids in school and they don’t want to pull them out,

Interest rates,

Bigger down payments,

Or they don’t want to deal with showings during the season,

There could be a lot of reasons!

These are all our assumptions and we don’t want to make them!

We want to know the real objection. Ask them, “Tell me what’s important to you about waiting until spring”. And they will tell us what we want to solve so we can help them to move forward.

Step 3, Say it back to them in your own words. Once you get the real objection, you need to acknowledge and confirm that you heard them right. Here’s an example.

“So what I'm hearing you say is you want to wait until spring because you don't want to have showings the week of Christmas. Is that right?”

The purpose of acknowledging their statement is to know if you missed something. Secondly, it will also make them feel that you are listening which leads to building rapport.

The last step is, Offer a conditional close. And this will sound something like this, “If I could show you a way that we can list your house and prevent you from having showings the week of Christmas, would you be open to talking about it?

Now we’ll wait for their answer. If they say “yes”, provide the solution. You have to be prepared with information to offer your solution. This may also mean getting to your team for help. Here in our MLS System, we can put blackout dates and say no showing on those dates. That will solve the problem.

If they say “no” then there’s likely another objection out there. You can ask “Okay, what else is holding you back?”

So those are the four (4) steps that you should do to respond to objections. Remember, objections are either a lack of motivation which we can’t really solve. Or if they are motivated, it is likely the lack of education. This is where we have to be educated to overcome those objections.

I hope this will help you handle and overcome your client’s holiday objections!


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