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What ISAs and police dispatchers have in common

Are your agents prepared for each appointment you set for them? Or could they be more prepared?

It is your job is to set up each appointment for success, and to do that your agents need as much information as possible before walking into that appointment!

Which is why you need to investigate each situation with a client in the same way that a police dispatcher would.

About 10 years ago I was on a ride-along with my Dad (my Dad is a retired police officer for the Washington D.C. area). During this ride along we got a call to go to a domestic violence situation--the most violent because everyone’s emotions are high.

However, as we were arriving at the house, the Police Dispatcher was providing my father information about the entire situation. We knew the parties that were involved, that there was no weapon on site, and we knew what the dispute was about and everything that the dispatch was able to find out for us.

I stayed in the car but, there was a level of comfort about the situation because the Police Dispatcher had provided us with as much information as he possibly could gather. This allowed my dad to walk into the house knowing the full situation.

The more that dispatcher could tell my dad, the better chance of him having a good result from the situation.

We--as Inside Sales Agent--have this same opportunity. The more information we can gather the better chance our agents have of getting a good result from the appointment.

A big question we all have is should we prequalify a client first or set the appointment first? I recommend prequalifying clients before you sent appointments or send an agent out to meet with them.

It’ll be a better experience for the client. If I had someone coming to my home, I would want that person coming to have already done research--before ever walking through my door.

For the Agent, we do not want them to be meeting with people that aren’t ready yet.

Part of prequalifying someone is finding out how motivated they are.

A good question to ask to find out this is, “On a scale from 0 to 10, how motivated are you to move?”

Your follow up question should be, “What makes it that number for you?”

The last question is, “What would need to happen to make it a 10?”

What they tell you for the third question will tell you everything you need to know to dissolve any objections and get them to move forward with their goals.

If they tell you they are a level 2 and nothing can happen to get them to a level 10, or if they are a 2 and to get to a level 10 their kids need to graduate in 2 years from their school district, you then know that you would be wasting your time to send someone on those appointments. They aren’t ready.

I challenge you to start thinking like a Police Dispatcher --- Gather up as much information as you can so when you dispatch an agent, or you are going out there, you know what you are walking into, and that will give you a great opportunity to have the best result.

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