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What To Do If You Feel Isolated In Your Role

I hear this a lot on coaching calls, “It’s great in the morning. People are there, everything is energizing. Then in the afternoon, I’m alone in the office and my energy starts to TANK!”

You're not alone! I used to battle the same exact thing, and I want to share my simple solution to you!

What saved me when I felt isolated was a network of people I actually found through a Facebook group, and we started doing Google Hangouts. (There's a bunch of tools out there that you can use to chat with people.)

When we had a rough afternoon, we would invite each other to a Google Hangout and make calls together.

It's great to see someone on camera as if you are working in the same room. The best thing is I could hear what they were saying. That helped my scripting!

I heard people scripting outside my team which improved my own calls.

It also helped build camaraderie. I remember one time I was with three or four people on hangout while we were lead generating together. I was talking to a difficult caller and they could hear our conversation. They came up closer to the screen, and they were cheering, “Go, Anna, Go!”

So I want to encourage you if you are feeling isolated, reach out!

We have the facebook group (ISA Mastermind Group). Go there and see who would be willing to get on Google Hangout, Zoom, Skype, etc with you.

You can do lead generation together. It's a great leverage tool.

It's an awesome way to build a community and your scripting! This also will help your mindset!

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