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What People Have to Say...


Your success story fuels my desire to help

more ISAs and agents to succeed.


Alec Wheatley

Craig Hartranft, Berkshire Hathaway Homesale Realty

Anna has helped me tremendously over the last few years of my career. I could not recommend her coaching enough. If you are considering using her call her now!


David Lewis

J. Philip Real Estate LLC

Anna is awesome! Her class was a game changer for my team.


Samantha Walker

Not only is Anna very kind and personable, but she is clearly an expert in what she does. I was able to hit the ground running thanks to her webinars and her Lead Gen Boot Camp. Highly recommended!


Linde Moore

Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta

Anna Krueger's Language Pattern Bootcamp class left me with tactical information and step-by-step processes to implement immediately. Anna is articulate, clear and totally relatable. I would highly recommend to any agent looking to up their conversion rates to dive in deep to her class. It will be the best use of your time and motivate you!


Denisse Oceguera

Live Free Realty

Game changing class! We had the opportunity to learn from Anna at a 2 day bootcamp and our team got SO much value and great strategies to build our relationships and business!


Theresa Decker

Axia Home Loans

Super fun and engaging team strengths coaching session!!! Highly recommend her!


Yesenia Inamagua


Language Pattern Bootcampe with Anna Kreuger was the best time spent! She made sure to keep the class very engaged and ensure that everyone was tracking what was being taught. This class is definitely a game changer for those in the real estate industry and would highly recommend to others!


Thebra Lawrence

Long & Foster Real Estate Inc.

Anna is a great teacher and has really opened my eyes to human relations, not just in real estate.


Inez McDonald

Atlanta Communities

Anna taught her communication class to our real estate group here in Atlanta. It is awesome and I’m so excited to use the skills learned in this communication class with clients and future clients.


Chris & Christy Fellerman

Keller Williams Integrity NW

Anna came to our group for a full day of training and review of our Strength Finders! She is an amazing leader and the day ended up being one of the best trainings we have done as a group. Anna led us thru the material and we all felt like we learned, and we even opened up like we never have before. Anna knows her stuff and it was a day of growth!


Monica Selby

Anna Kreuger gets communications. She knows how to help you find the right words for exactly what you want to convey. Anna's also great at helping you highlight your strengths so you know where to focus your energy and how to fill your own bucket. Coaching with Anna is a holistic experience--she cares as much about you as about your productivity.


Haro Setian

The Haro Group

Anna is a class act. She gives consistently to make everyone around her better. She is full of energy, an incredible trainer and a great and loyal friend. Thank you Anna for being awesome!


Leaanne Ledford

Griffin Home Group

There are not enough words to explain what Anna has done for my career! She helped me go from 2-3 closed transactions a month to 14+ a month! If you are looking for a fierce advocate, a skilled listener, a top notch instructor and a kick in the rear when you need have to talk to Anna!


Roddy Castro

PalmerHouse Properties

Incredible class!!! Anna actually showed me why it is super important to listen and how to understand peoples motivation. It's only been two days since the trainning and I already see a great turn out, both at home and in my business. The class is filled with real life scenarios that can be applying right away for better communication all around.


Jamie Yawn

Live Free Realty

Anna is an amazing coach and teacher! Her class is a must for anyone in any field! The basics of communication can be so effective when we learn how to have meaningful conversations.


Matt Henson

The Haro Group of Keller Williams

Anna is fantastic! Her webinars, coaching, and tips have improved my personal skills as well as our entire ISA team. Whether you are new or a seasoned will be challenged and learn something you can apply right away. Not only does Anna prepare you for improving your current skills...she will help you master mindset and achieving goals for the future! Don't miss an opportunity to work with Anna or anything she is associated with!


A Google User

Anna is by far one of the most respected speakers and coaches I know in the industry. Her willingness to always encourage others to be the best version of themselves inspires me as a coach, personally. If you are looking for a phenomenal coach who will help you become the best version of yourself in the real estate industry, call Anna. You won't regret it.


Jeni Thomas

Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta/ The Lewis Group

Anna is a fantastic coach! The training our team received in two days is immeasurable how it will change our lives and businesses to make us better communicators. These are language patterns on a human element that holds reach to everyone and I am already implementing those into my own business. Highly recommend Anna as a coach and trainer for any and all who look to be better communicators in any field or industry.


Marquise Law

Partner C.R.E.G | Real Estate Concierge

Anna was absolutely the best!!!! As a new salesperson I feel so much more empowrred and confident in cold calling future buyers. She keeps you engaged from beginning to end and is super motivating. Would recommend this to anyone in any professions not just real estate.


Christopher Gaston


Amazing Speaker! Controls the room while allowing fun into the space. Has a wealth of knowledge in regards to real estate scripting and situational scripting. Can't wait to be in a classroom with her again!!!


Kayla Slice

The Haro Group of Keller WIlliams Historic District

Anna is an amazing trainer and coach. I credit her with the success I’ve had in lead generation. She is so determined and committed to the success of the people she leads. Anyone who has an opportunity to be influenced by Anna should sign up right away. Truly a wonderful human being.


Charmaine Tarry

Equinox Property Solutions LLC

Anna was very knowledgeable of the subject she taught during our two day training. She provided very valuable information that can be applied easily. There were many take aways and I look forward to incorporating them in my business. Thanks Anna for a very informative session.


Justin Wyrsch

Kari Wyrsch Team, Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Huge thank you to Anna for an enlightening day of strength finding! Even with 18 on our team, the experience still felt very personal, and I came away having learned a ton not only about myself, but about each individual on our team. Everyone got to share about strengths and weaknesses, from full group setting, to smaller breakout groups, and also personal reflection. Anna jumped in and shared a lot about herself throughout the day also. She is so adept at helping you realize what makes you tick, and that these traits should be embraced, not resisted. I think everyone came away from the day feeling more positive about themselves, and overall stronger as a team. Highly recommend Anna for anyone (or any group) looking to bolster strengths, improve on weaknesses, and have fun in a day of positivity!


Carolyn Molly

Abbitt Realty Company LLC

Although this training is geared towards real estate professionals, its value far exceeds those parameters. A great program for anyone in any kind of sales or management. So many great take-aways!


Romeo Salvador

Consultant & Motivational Speaker

Without sounding too dramatic, 2 hours with Anna was life-changing. She accomplished exactly what she set out to do which was to to hold a mirror up to me. My self-awareness increased. Overall I could not recommend her higher to anyone who is looking to advance their business, increase their productivity, or to connect to their unique strengths. I expected one thing and she blew those expectations out of the water. I can't wait til the next time I'm privileged enough to have a piece of her time. She's phenomenal at what she does. And she legitimately cares. She has a heart of gold is super authentic. Book your next session with her ASAP. Thank you Anna for helping me to see with new eyes. You were unbelievable!


Ryan Cover

The Castillo Group at Keller Williams

I have been in coaching with Anna for about a year now and I am amazed at the results she has given my team and I through coaching. She has helped me with the language skills to take our business to the next level. I highly recommend Anna and her coaching technique because my team and I are walking proof that her coaching helps tremendously. She comes at it in a way of providing value and pushing the best out of you while demonstrating what to say and how to say it. She made me realize things I didn't even think about when speaking and it has made a huge difference! So grateful for her.


Noah Morris

High Performance Real Estate Advisors

I feel extremely fortunate to have had Anna privately coach with me. She offered me extremely valuable feedback and provided me with insights on how I can increase my productivity and be more effective in my position. Anna is highly knowledgeable and I definitely recommend her to everyone that wants to see better results in their efforts. Thanks, Anna!


Brittany Purcell

Keller Williams Greater Athens

Anna’s knowledge of strength finders was absolutely life changing for me and my team. I feel lucky that she got certified in this to help others grow - because she certainly grew the emotional intelligence of our real estate group this past week. We would and will have her back!


Colton Moos

Keller Williams Realty - Greater Springfield

Anna had a great teaching temperament and the results we have seen in our team percentages cure any doubt that this program is effective. I also appreciate the fact that Anna was vulnerable to us, as she would ask us to be vulnerable in different situations. She has a great ability to be direct and transparent - and at the same time caring and nurturing as a Coach!


Aislynn Hobbs

Harcourts Premier Properties

I recently went through Anna's language patterns course and found the content very easy to digest as well as implement. Anna has great energy while presenting and awesome analogies that made the content super relatable. Absolutely perfect for people who want to learn basic sales technique without being salesy. Anna focuses everything back on building a relationship with the client and that is something we highly value in our business (real estate). Thank you Anna!!


Samantha Higgins

BoomTown - Real Estate Platform

Anna was an excellent resource for our Language Patterns Training. We deployed her training across a team of over 100 individuals and have seen an increase in quality of conversations and overall a better understanding of our client's needs. Anna took additional time to coach each of our team leaders individually focusing directly on their needs as they applied to the overall business. I am personally thankful to her for pointing out blind-spots in my own practice and coaching, and for helping me become aware and overcome these areas. I highly recommend Anna's coaching and have seen great results.


Eric Jones

Keller Williams Cache Home Realty

I highly recommend Anna! I took a course from her and was blown away by her knowledge, passion about everything she is involved in teaching. She is by far top notch in the industry and is an inspirational person who truly makes a difference in the lives of people who she coaches. Thank you Anna for all you do!


Kelsey Watters

Graddy Real Estate - Keller Williams

Wow. What an incredible experience our team had with Anna! She flew into Missouri for a full day to pour herself into all 18 of us. She truly knows how to dig deep into each individual so that we can clearly see our own strengths and gives the best advice on how to really hone-in on your most important attributes. SO excited to get back into the office and implement some new ideas and cannot wait to work with her again! Highly recommend!


Rob Harder

Momentum Realty

Anna is an excellent coach! I have enjoyed and learned more with each meeting.


Nick Tender

Momentum Realty

Anna is a true professional and has completely helped me change my business in just a few classes. Highly recommend Anna for any of those looking to grow.


Brittany Brooks

Momentum Realty

Anna is an amazing human (coach, teacher, skilled player) when it comes to real estate, ISA Coaching and Strengths Finder Training! She has played an integral part in developing our team members since Day 1. We cannot thank her enough and wouldn't call anyone else!


Andrea Delancy

Momentum Realty

I've worked with Anna in several capacities as a coach. She always has solutions and explains things in clear and concise ways, invites interaction, and gives actions you can take right away to help you get to the next level. I also love her energy! I highly recommend her services!


Jenny Leo

Kelly Williams Atlanta Partners - North Gwinnett

I’ve been in the business a very long time. I have found ISA Maps Coaching has turned my business around. It has changed the way I do things, my professionalism, dedication, drive and goal setting. It has totally turned it around for the better.


Ray Ciafardini

My Coach Ray, LLC

You don't always get what is promised with coaching. With ISA Maps Coaching you get what is promised. And if we want to be a top performer it only makes sense to get into coaching.


Leslie Peters

The Peters Company

By having an ISA and starting to grow that division it gives everyone specialization. We were leaving so much business on the table because we were just not nurturing the leads like we should have. I truly believe coaching is not a luxury, coaching is necessary. To take you to the next level and break through ceilings of achievement coaching is just necessary.

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