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27,500 Hours Of Lead Generation Mastery
Shared With You In 6-Months

Join Mega Lead Conversion

For Agents & Inside Sales Agents

With Anna Krueger, KW MAPS Coach

Enroll today for May 10th!

Language Patterns

Tracking System

Like-minded Community

Take a minute and think of all the leads that came in the last 2 weeks.

Now ask yourself, “How many of those leads are still uncontacted or did not receive 6 calls in 6 days?”

That number represents a significant amount of income lost. 

It's Time You Gain That Income Back!

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Are you an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) that feels like you show up for work, do the best you can, and hope it all works out to hit your income goal by the end of the year?


Or lose sleep wondering if the way you handled that call was really the best way?


As an inside sales agent, I have, too! And it doesn’t have to be that way!


This course will provide you the community you’ve been looking for, as well as the skills, tools, systems, and mindset necessary to become one of the best ISAs in the industry.

I am absolutely thrilled to bring this material to you and be part of the insides sales movement with you.

Hi, I'm Anna Krueger & I've partnered with MAPS to create the best ISA training program available, Mastering Inside Sales.

If you don't have an ISA and aren't ready to hire one, then you are the ISA!

What to expect:

  • Conversation guides to increase conversion

  • Workspace setup to increase results

  • Time-saving hacks to increase efficiency

  • Tracking systems

  • Economic models to think like a business owner

  • Ideas to solidify ISA and agent relationship, improving culture

  • A community of like-minded, trained ISAs to partner with for scripting!

Investment: $1194 ($199/month for 6 Months)

Format: interactive Zoom meeting

Target Audience: Inside Sales Agents and the teams that work with them

Length: 6 months - 18 webinars (3 webinars a month)

Class Time: Wednesday, 2:30-3:30 CT & all classes are recorded

**Open to all Brokerages**

Marble Surface

$199/Month. 6-Months. Live Interactive Coaching. 

Learn how to think and act like a strategic conversationalist and lead generation business owner to achieve both your personal goals and team goals!

Here are all the business changing benefits you'll get from Mastering Inside Sales:

               Mega Lead Conversion Group Coaching               

18 Live Sessions 

On-Demand Access For All Sessions 

Extra 60 Days access after the last class 

Dynamic Production Tracker

Script Practice Partner Opportunities

The Best Lead Conversion Scripts and Language Patterns 

Anna's Personal Preferred Referral Partner Opportunities

Live Q&A With Anna 


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Jenny Leo

I’ve been in the business a very long time.  I have found ISA Maps Coaching has turned my business around. It has changed the way I do things, my professionalism, dedication, drive and goal setting. It has totally turned it around for the better.

Leslie Peters

By having an ISA and starting to grow that division it gives everyone specialization. We were leaving so much business on the table because we were just not nurturing the leads like we should have. 


I truly believe coaching is not a luxury, coaching is necessary. To take you to the next level and break through ceilings of achievement coaching is just necessary. 

Rays Ciafardini

You don't always get what is promised with coaching. With ISA Maps Coaching you get what is promised. And if we want to be a top performer it only makes sense to get into coaching. 

Don't Wait To Gain Your Income Back


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