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2 Changes You Need To Make To Reach Your Goals

Watch this before you set next year's goals! It's the time of the year again that we set our business goals. What should you be doing to achieve your goals?

I had a conversation with one of our coaches from ISA Maps Coaching program, Analeisa Latham. And I asked her about the changes she had when she entered the world of real estate.

It’s not really real estate that changed to her. It’s the tools, techniques and mindset shift!

For Analeisa, the two core things that changed to her were:

(1) The type of people she surrounded herself with, and;

(2) The freedom, ability, and desire to dream

Analeisa realized the family and friends she surrounded herself with weren’t focused on goals for the future. Our perception of life is to finish school and then get a job. Next is to get married and have your own family. Then finally, retire. That’s it! No planning at all!

You would agree that we want to be with people who could help us become successful, right? Same with Analeisa. She wants to be surrounded with people who are entrepreneurial.

“Nowadays, we often hear about Network Marketing. And there are so many out there who have started network marketing and have changed their family’s lives. We want to connect with people and learn from them. Learn about how they dream and how did they work to get what they currently have. Look around you because there are people around who have that Entrepreneurial mindset.” - Analeisa

Anna: “Last year, I started thinking who do I want to be. I got so wrapped up in doing. Pay this and that, hire new people, and other things. And I almost lost myself in the process. I had to flip the question and ask myself who I wanted to be.”

Of course I want to be a giving person. Be someone who's very family- and friend-oriented. And that points to who you surround yourself with.

So for everyone out there, ask yourself, “Who do I want to be?”

Now, think, “Who are the people that can help you accomplish your goal?”

If you want success in business, then surround yourself with successful business owners.

You can find successful business people that are just horrible people or you can find successful business people that are awesome people. The good news is, you get to choose who you surround yourself with.

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