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3 Things To Keep Your Momentum Going

Do the holidays make you feel lazy? Today let’s talk three (3) things that you can do to keep your momentum going during the holidays.

I love that this job is results-oriented. If I can get the results in and manage my time, I can take the time off that I’d like.

So let's jump in and talk about three (3) specific things you can do to keep that momentum.

1. Remind yourself of your motivation.

Because of the holiday season, there's a lot of parties, family trips, time offs and other activities. These can get us easily distracted. I encourage you to ask yourself "Why am I here?", "What things am I wanting to do because of this position?"

Your motivation could be financial. Maybe it’s a trip, college fund or buying a house. These things don’t change even though the season becomes busy, right?

One tip I want to give you is to make it visual. Make a list or write yourself a letter. Something that is in front of you to remind you why you are doing what you’re doing.

2. Make a Gratitude list

I never thought when I grew up that I'd be on the phone for my job. This isn't quite what I expected. And so I started to create a list of things I was thankful for. This changed my perspective!

My grandfather was a state park ranger. Part of his job was to muck out the bathrooms and make sure those were clean. Oftentimes I'd be sitting there on the phone, thinking I could be the person cleaning out those stalls. That made me grateful for the things I was able to do.

Here I am and I get to talk to people about their goals and it put fresh energy in my system to keep going.

3. Be clear on your numbers

Tactical play here! Know how many contacts you need to make to set one appointment. Average numbers we’re seeing around the country is 20-30 contacts to set one (1) appointment. When you are clear on your own numbers, you can make a clear action plan. Let’s say you need to take a day off, perhaps you need to add more to your contacts to compensate for the day that you will be out.

The point here is you still need to get in the activity to produce the results that you need. No one says it has to be spread out evenly on every day.

That’s it! Three (3) simple yet effective ways to keep your momentum going. I hope you have an excellent Christmas, and I'll see you guys in the next video!

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