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4 Steps of Goal Setting: Part 1

October 1st is our January 1st in real estate.

This is because it generally takes 90 days for us to get results from what we do. So, with October 1st fast approaching, now is the perfect time to look at our goals and prepare yourselves for 2022.

According to the book Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy, there are four steps to set goals. In the coming days, I will be sharing each step with you.

Watch this video to learn more about the first step to setting your goals.

Step 1: Figure out who you want to be

Sometimes, we get too occupied by our day-to-day lives that we don’t realize we’ve drifted away from who we want to be. This is why you must first determine your destination to set the path to achieving your goals.

Here’s a couple of things I’d like you to do:

  1. Think about the categories of your life that matter to you (i,e. Family, Community, Faith, etc.).

  2. How do you want to be remembered by these categories? (i,e. A loving parent or a generous friend, etc.)

Just like beginning with the end in mind, you need to declare who you want to be so you can take the necessary steps to become that person.

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