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How Being an ISA is Like Going Gluten Free

Being an effective ISA is like to not eating gluten. Say what?!

You may be thinking, “How exactly does this not eating gluten relate to being an ISA?”

(First off this is not an anti-gluten message!)

Recently I was talking with a friend, Noah, and we were talking about how one high-level decision affected all of his subsequent lower decisions.

Noah stopped eating gluten. No gluten meant no bread, cupcakes, pasta....

Wrapped up in the one decision to not eat gluten he knew that he wouldn’t do all those other things.

As an Inside Sales Agent, if you make the high-level decision that everyone that you talk to is going to work with you, they are going to pick up the phone, and they are going to work with your team.

It will automatically help you make those low-level decisions. Such as, when and how to close for that appointment.

For example, if I’m talking to you I have already made up my mind that you are going to work with me, you don’t know it yet, but you are going to be working with me.

Since I have already made the decision that you will be working with me, I will then say things like:

"When we get together..."

"When you meet Haro, you are going to love working with him."

"When we meet we are going to go over the marketing plan that we are going to use to sell your house."

It is NOT “If we meet.”

It is, “When we meet, this is what is going to happen…”

This is called the assumptive close.

If you enter your phone calls with this mindset and the high-level decision that this person is going to be working with us, it will change the way that you approach that conversation and make you much more effective.

In order to set an appointment; studies show you need to close between 7 and 14 times. Closing does not sound like, “When will you meet with me?” repeated.

My favorite close is the assumptive close, “When we get together…”

Right now, as an ISA make that high-level decision that they are going to work with you. Then start using the assumptive close!

(And if you want to eat some bread, I am okay with that too.)

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