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How to Go on Vacation and Have Your Business Thrive

I am getting ready to head out on a 10-day vacation, one that I take every year. When I get back to my business it will be running smoothly with no chaos.

People ask me all the time, “How do you do it?”

There are three things I have in place so can walk away from my business and completely unplug. The best part is you can do them too!

1. Document Your Systems.

The first time I heard about this, it sounded complicated and tedious. However, what I found is it brought a lot of freedom and was not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be.

Utilize the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book; I did. I kept page 244 in front of me the whole time while I documented my systems and it made it super easy.

As you are writing everything down think, “What is everything that you do.” Write it down every single thing that you do.

When you are creating your list and instructions, think about someone that will have to do your job, knowing they will have no way to reach you. All they will have is this document! Is what you wrote down clear?

After you have everything written down, find a friend or family member and test out your instructions. Ask them, “If you had this, do you know what to do?”

In your mind, it may make sense because you know what you are doing. But to someone else, it may not make sense, which is why it is good to give it to someone outside of your business.

2. Keep Very Detailed Notes in Your CRM.

This is great when you are going out of town or if you have an emergency. All of your notes and tasks are created, so your business does not come to a halt the second you step away.

3. Start Telling People You Will be Out of the Office in Advance.

I start prepping my clients, business associates, and all other contacts one month before I go. I tell everyone I talk to, and I add it to the bottom of my signature in red letting them know I will be out on specific dates.

By doing this, it will reduce the number of people that are reaching out to you during that time, which in turn drastically lowers the amount of chaos that can occur.

These 3 steps should help you take some time off and completely unplug, without the chaos!

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