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How to Hand a Client From ISA to Agent

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Anna Krueger - February 5th, 2018

A common question that we get is, “How do I, as an ISA. Explain the relationship, between me and the Agent, when handing off the client?”

The best way to handle this is to explain it early on. A great analogy is by explaining it as a Doctor and Nurse relationship.

You don’t want the client to become attached to you. You want the client to trust the Agent, you do this by positioning the Agent as the expert.

Just like when you go to the Doctor, the Nurse comes in checks your vital signs and takes a report of everything. However, if you ask the Nurse any questions she tells you, “The Doctor will answer those when he/she come in.”

If they want to work with you specifically you can make a joke like, “Trust me, you definitely want to work with that Agent! He has written way more contracts than I have.”

Another thing you can do is when they are asking you questions write them down. Let them know you are writing them down and will pass them to the Agent.

This will help bring value to the appointment and help build trust. Ultimately helping to get that client to sign up with the Agent.

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