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HOW TO HANDLE THE OBJECTION: I would sell, but where would I go? There are no houses available!

Updated: May 28, 2021

There’s been a steep decline in the number of houses for sale across the country. For the average seller, this could understandably create the fear that if they sell, they may not be able to find a new home to purchase.

Watch this video as I share with you how to deal with the objection: “I would sell, but where would I go? There are no houses available!”.


While we have less inventory than normal, saying that there are no available houses out there is simply NOT TRUE!

You can check your MLS to find the active listings in your market. This way, you can let the seller know just how many houses are there that are currently available.

You must also know how to sort out those sellers who are ready and motivated from the ones who are just testing the waters. There are digging questions you can ask your prospects that will allow you to do that (watch the video to learn what those are!).

By recognizing what your client’s motivations are, you can now offer solutions to their objections. And by listening to them and considering their point of view, they’re more likely to hear your solutions and move forward.

Hope you find this helpful. For more valuable tips on how to handle objections, make sure to check us out at We have several webinars and classes that you can join in.

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