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How to Have a Script Wall in Your Car

Have you ever had a lead call come in when you are out of the office? I know I have and I used to quickly scribble notes down about the lead on a piece of paper.

Even though I knew what I needed to do, being caught off guard left me missing pieces. I realized missing pieces meant I was missing business opportunity and losing income. I needed to find a solution.

Looking at my wall of scripts in my office and every other tool I had, I knew I needed to find a way to make them available to me at all times.

This problem led me to find a way to do just that. I went to the store and got three 15 cent folders, and they now go with me everywhere with me.

The first folder has my DAR, Daily Activity Records. It is a sheet of paper that I write down everything that I do, what contacts I had, how many dials did I make, how many appointments I sent, etc.

The second folder represents my buyer info sheets. If a buyer calls, as long as I have this folder I am prepared. I write their name on top of the sheet of paper, and it has all the questions I need to ask them. This essential folder serves as my scripts.

The third folder is for seller info sheets. It holds everything that is seller-related such as, prequalification questions, motivation questions, and more.

This way if a lead comes in, no matter where I am, I have all of my resources, so I don’t get thrown off my game.

It only took me 45 mins to set this all up! I just took everything off my walls and made a photocopy of them and put them in my folders.

This idea is not limited to ISA’s. I even do this now as a coach!

You just need to change out the topics to things that are essential for your role. That way if you are traveling or out of town, you will have everything that you need right in the folder.

Set yourself up for success! If there is something in your workspace that makes you more productive ask yourself, “How can you have that available to you no matter where you are?” and make it happen.

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