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How to Keep Your Mindset in a Good Spot

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

As we live our lives in this COVID world, it’s easy to feel exhausted. There are days when we struggle to see the good and we wonder: Am I really good at what I’m doing? Am I making any difference?

Watch this video to learn one amazing tip I have for keeping your mindset in a good spot when you need it the most.

Watch the Video

Feelings are not a good judgement of truth. Just because you feel negative about something, It doesn’t mean it really is. So if you have those moments of doubt, it helps that you have a place you can go to have the reassurance that you need. Which is why I highly recommend that you create a “Feel Good” email folder today. And every time something positive comes up, make sure to throw it in there. So on those days when you feel down, you can just go to this folder and find a wealth of encouragement to pick yourself up.

I hope you find this helpful and I look forward to seeing you in my next video. Or better yet, we could see each other in the Mastering Inside Sales Program. We have one on-going right now but you could sign up for the next batch which will start in October. You could also check our How to Hire, Train and Retain Inside Sales Agents Program which will launch by September. For more details about these programs, please check the link below:

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